Your Dog's Pawfect


Your Dog's Pawfect


Your Dog's Pawfect


Your Dog's Pawfect


Your Dog's Pawfect


Your Dog's Pawfect

Enhance Your Furry Friend's Well-Being With Advance Pet Care!

#1 dog feeder

Never Miss a Meal

With ORo’s automatic dog feeder, you can have peace of mind knowing that your pet is getting the right nutrition on time, every time.

#2 dog track

Preserves Precious Memories Forever

ORo records your dog's activities while you're away, creating lasting memories of your furry companions.

#3 pet games

Keeps Your Dog Entertained

ORo plays with your dog, keeping your dog active and happy while you attend to other tasks.

#4 dog safety

Enhances Your Dog’s and Home's Safety

Our smart robot ORo schedules scans that ensure dog and home safety with automatic alerts for unusual activity.

#5 dog health tracker

Curates your Dog’s Health Journal

You can easily track your dog's health data and share it with your veterinarian if needed.

#6 Dog behavior

Empowers Your Dogs Training

Let our smart robot ORo handle tedious and repetitive dog training tasks, giving you more quality time with your furry friend.

Unveiling Smart Petcare Companion

dog activities

Guardian for Pet Adventures


ORo, the smart robot seamlessly navigates your home, enriches play, manages routines, and keeps a vigilant watch using cameras and sensors. Experience modern pet parenting, where companionship and oversight unite for ultimate peace of mind.

smart storage

Wellness Hub for Furry Friends


ORo diligently tracks your dog's well-being, monitoring everything from your dog's activities to their eating habits, notifying you of any deviations so you can prioritize your dog's health.

pet community

Lights, Camera, Pet Action


Our smart robot’s intelligent features empower you to capture captivating moments effortlessly. From dynamic camera angles to smooth tracking, it ensures your content shines.

Pet parenthood made smart!

Playful Bonding Beyond Boundaries

Playful Bonding Beyond Boundaries


From virtual fetch to engaging pet games like active rolling balls for dogs, it sparks joy and strengthens bonds. Experience delightful moments as technology meets companionship in the world of pet entertainment.

vet consultation

Unbounded Presence, Shared Adventures


ORo bridges distances, enabling you to be present from anywhere. Control its movements, interact with your pooch, and explore surroundings through its eyes.

Dog Training and Trust, Guided by Tech

Dog Training and Trust, Guided by Tech


Unwavering attention, endless repeatability, and tailored dog exercises for seamless everyday training.

Let's get under the hood



ORo Tech Specifications

Robot Dimension (WxDxH)

15.7x12x30 in

Robot Weight

33 lbs

Max Power Consumption

175 W

Battery Type


Charge Time

2 hrs

Run Time

5 hrs

General Information

Main Color

Cozy Carbon/Ivory Mist


BPA-Free Plastic


CPU Type

6-core Arm® Cortex® 64-bit CPU 1.5MB L2 + 4MB L3


LiDAR Sensor


Cliff Sensors


Proximity Sensors






8 MP




Stereo Depth

Night Vision



Nominal Consumption Power

35 W

Noise Level

45 dBA

Max Running Time

300 min


Battery Type



24 V

Charging Time

120 min


Docking Station

Pet Feeder Specs (Accessory)

Consumption Power

25 W

Voltage, Hz

110-240 V, 50-60 Hz

Dimension (WxDxH)

17.7x11.7x20 in


8 lbs

Manufacturer’s Information

Country of Orign


Imported by:

Ogmen Robotics Inc., 505, Middlesex Turnpike, Billerica, MA - 01821

Contact Us

For All Product Related Complaints/assistance, please contact Manager, Customer Care, Ogmen Robotics Inc., 505, Middlesex Turnpike, Billerica, MA - 01821 or Email us at : contact@ogmenrobotics.com
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safety & privacy

to ensure your safety
& privacy

ORo's design is a meticulous reflection of your and your pet’s safety and privacy.

ORo dog sitter robot front
Gentle Interaction

Gentle Interaction

Gentle Interaction

ORo interacts gently with pets and their environment, creating a harmonious and responsive caregiving experience.

On-Device Privacy Controls

On-Device Privacy Controls

On-Device Privacy Controls

ORo’s mics, camera, and motion can be turned off with one press of a button.

End-to-End Encryption

End-to-End Encryption

End-to-End Encryption

ORo uses AES128-bit encryption to make sure your interactions always stay private.

Out of Bounds Zones

Out of Bounds Zones

Out of Bounds Zones

ORo respects user-defined boundaries and automatically stops in restricted areas for your pet's safety.

User Alerts and Notifications

User Alerts and Notifications

User Alerts and Notifications

ORo sends you alerts and notifications in case of any pet-related concerns or emergencies.

Emergency Stop Button

Emergency Stop Button

Emergency Stop Button

ORo includes an emergency stop button for immediate intervention and enhanced safety control.

"A Whirlwind of Fun and Training!
Ignite your energy, master Skills, and Dive into an
Adventure Packed with Nonstop Thrills!"

emoji icon

Qin Ran

"We've been eagerly awaiting ORo's launch. As a working dog parent, leaving Max at home is tough. ORo's promise of providing care and companionship to Max during work hours is thrilling. It'll be a game-changer for us. Thank you Ogmen for bringing this innovation to life!”

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Jason Treulich

"Living in the city, it's tough to give Bella the exercise she craves. ORo, a dog companion robot that plays, treats, and even trains is a dream. Can't wait to welcome it into our lives—the future of pet care!"

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Sandeep Saho

"In my local community of pet parents, ORo's arrival is a hot topic. Excited to introduce my Lucy to ORo. The prospect of this first-of-a-kind robot friend has the whole community buzzing with anticipation!”

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Patricia Juárez

"As a single pet parent, my hectic schedule makes ORo a lifesaver for Luna. It's the future of pet care, ensuring her happiness during long work trips and late nights. I'm ready for Luna's excitement to meet ORo!”

emoji icon

Simone Tar

"As a tech enthusiast, the idea of a dog companion robot that adapts to Charlie's needs and provides him with companionship while I'm away is nothing short of amazing. Can’t wait to welcome ORo into our home and see how Charlie reacts to his new robotic buddy!”

emoji icon

Solange Costa

"At times when I'm working from home, it gets almost impossible to attend to my always-attention-demanding Cleo. ORo would provide me with that worry-free support I need!”

Suitable for Small to Large-Sized Dogs

dog sizes
  • Not recommended for young pets aged under 3 months.
  • The treat dispenser, food compartment, dispensing blade, and the food bowl all conform to FDA regulations on food contact materials.
pet companion
dog companion
Ivory Mist
Cozy Carbon

Your Pooch’s Pawfect


Asked Questions

Listen, ORo might have a bit of a "dad bod" with its 35-pound weight, but that just means it's got a solid foundation and won't be tipping over anytime soon. You don't have to worry about this robot stumbling around like a tipsy partygoer. ORo's got balance and stability like a gymnast on the beam, making it a reliable and trustworthy companion.

Absolutely NOT! Pets would be more than happy to snuggle up with ORo. With its charming looks and fun-loving personality, ORo is like the missing piece in a puzzle that pets never knew they were missing. ORo's adorable appearance and playful behavior are sure to attract the attention and affection of our furry friends.

It looks like ORo is a responsible little buddy who knows how to take care of itself! With its self-docking feature, it can easily find its way back to the charging station and juice up its batteries, just like how we humans recharge ourselves with a cup of coffee or a power nap. So, you can say that ORo is a paw-some companion that never runs out of energy!

Although ORo is not designed for floor cleaning, but it is equipped with a variety of advanced features, including sensors, cameras, and mapping technology. Moreover, ORo operates on a rechargeable battery and is capable of autonomously returning to its charging station when necessary, much like a robotic vacuum cleaner. In essence, ORo shares many similarities with a robotic vacuum cleaner, minus the specific function of cleaning floors.

ORo is a versatile robot that offers a wide range of features for users to enjoy. However, at present, it does not possess the capability to navigate stairs with its legs. As a result, its functionality is currently limited to a single level of a building.

Well, let's face it. Your house is already a battlefield of tripping hazards - from Legos to dog toys to that pair of shoes that seems to have a life of its own. What's one more obstacle to navigate? But fear not! ORo has a unique feature that sets it apart from the rest of the crowd - it hums like a bee on a mission! So, you'll know when it's buzzing around and won't get caught off guard. It's like having a mini R2-D2 rolling around your house!