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Welcome ORo into your family for endless love, laughter, and joyful moments with your furry friend. Experience the magic of companionship, training, and play, all in one delightful package!

Color : Ivory Mist

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    Inside the box

    Key features

    Enhances Your Pet's and Home's Safety

    Enhances Your Pet's and Home's Safety

    Keeps Your Pet Entertained

    Keeps Your Pet Entertained

    smart storage

    Never Miss a Meal

    vet consultation

    Unbounded Presence, Shared Adventures

    Preserves Precious Memories Forever

    Preserves Precious Memories Forever

    Empowers Your Pet's Learning

    Empowers Your Pet's Learning

    ORo Tech Specifications

    Robot Dimension (WxDxH)

    15.7x12x30 in

    Robot Weight

    33 lbs

    Max Power Consumption

    175 W

    Battery Type


    Charge Time

    2 hrs

    Run Time

    5 hrs

    General Information

    Main Color

    Cozy Carbon/Ivory Mist


    BPA-Free Plastic


    CPU Type

    6-core Arm® Cortex® 64-bit CPU 1.5MB L2 + 4MB L3


    LiDAR Sensor


    Cliff Sensors


    Proximity Sensors






    8 MP




    Stereo Depth

    Night Vision



    Nominal Consumption Power

    35 W

    Noise Level

    45 dBA

    Max Running Time

    300 min


    Battery Type



    24 V

    Charging Time

    120 min


    Docking Station

    Pet Feeder Specs (Accessory)

    Consumption Power

    25 W

    Voltage, Hz

    110-240 V, 50-60 Hz

    Dimension (WxDxH)

    17.7x11.7x20 in


    8 lbs

    Manufacturer’s Information

    Country of Orign


    Imported by:

    Ogmen Robotics Inc., 505, Middlesex Turnpike, Billerica, MA - 01821

    Contact Us

    For All Product Related Complaints/assistance, please contact Manager, Customer Care, Ogmen Robotics Inc., 505, Middlesex Turnpike, Billerica, MA - 01821 or Email us at : contact@ogmenrobotics.com
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    Asked Questions

    Listen, ORo might have a bit of a "dad bod" with its 35-pound weight, but that just means it's got a solid foundation and won't be tipping over anytime soon. You don't have to worry about this robot stumbling around like a tipsy partygoer. ORo's got balance and stability like a gymnast on the beam, making it a reliable and trustworthy companion.

    Absolutely NOT! Pets would be more than happy to snuggle up with ORo. With its charming looks and fun-loving personality, ORo is like the missing piece in a puzzle that pets never knew they were missing. ORo's adorable appearance and playful behavior are sure to attract the attention and affection of our furry friends.

    It looks like ORo is a responsible little buddy who knows how to take care of itself! With its self-docking feature, it can easily find its way back to the charging station and juice up its batteries, just like how we humans recharge ourselves with a cup of coffee or a power nap. So, you can say that ORo is a paw-some companion that never runs out of energy!

    Although ORo is not designed for floor cleaning, but it is equipped with a variety of advanced features, including sensors, cameras, and mapping technology. Moreover, ORo operates on a rechargeable battery and is capable of autonomously returning to its charging station when necessary, much like a robotic vacuum cleaner. In essence, ORo shares many similarities with a robotic vacuum cleaner, minus the specific function of cleaning floors.

    ORo is a versatile robot that offers a wide range of features for users to enjoy. However, at present, it does not possess the capability to navigate stairs with its legs. As a result, its functionality is currently limited to a single level of a building.

    Well, let's face it. Your house is already a battlefield of tripping hazards - from Legos to dog toys to that pair of shoes that seems to have a life of its own. What's one more obstacle to navigate? But fear not! ORo has a unique feature that sets it apart from the rest of the crowd - it hums like a bee on a mission! So, you'll know when it's buzzing around and won't get caught off guard. It's like having a mini R2-D2 rolling around your house!